Driver Responsibilities

To perform every trip on time and within contract parameters while updating and maintaining key times and odometer readings.

Downloading the Driver App

The DispatchBot mobile app can be found on the App Store for iOS/Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices.

The demo will display the DispatchBot mobile app from an Android tablet in landscape mode. The view will be slightly different if you use the app in portrait mode.

Login Screen

Use your driver account email and password to sign into the DispatchBot Mobile App. If you have not been given a user account yet, talk to your manager and they can generate one for you.

Trip List

Once you are logged in you will come to the DispatchBot mobile app home screen for the current day’s trips.

By default, it will show you the trips to be performed today.

Tap on the "Date" to view trips for yesterday, today or up to 2 days in advance.

On the main screen you will see your current day’s trips. Each individual trip is separated into the Pickup and the Dropoff. You can see the passenger name, scheduled pickup or drop off time as well as the pickup or drop off address.

If you need to update or refresh your trip list, you can swipe down the entire manifest with your finger OR you can use the refresh button.

Trip Details

When you select a trip the following details are available to you: Passenger Name, Mobility Aids, Pickup or Drop off Address, Phone Number (if any) as well as any trip notes.

At the bottom of the screen are your trip specific options. These will vary depending on the trip type and what stage of a trip you are on.

Performing a Trip

Tap the first trip in your list to bring up the trip details. The first trip in your manifest will always be your next step to perform. Your trip options will appear at the bottom of the screen. The options that are available to you:

  • Navigate - Will open your default GPS application to give you turn by turn directions from your current location to the address you need to go to next.
  • Start - Indicates you are starting to perform this trip. It will automatically send the time you started working on this trip and change the trip status to "Driver on Route". This allows your Dispatcher to know you are on your way to pick up your passenger.
  • No Show - Use this option if your passenger does not show up for their trip. This must be used in accordance to your own company’s policies and procedures.
  • Back to Manifest - Returns you to your trip list.

Starting a Trip

To begin this trip click on Start. This will let your Dispatcher know what time you started performing a trip. Once you've clicked start your available options will change. Start will be replaced by Arrived. Do not tap Arrived until you have reached your destination!

You can tap Navigate to get turn by turn GPS directions from your current location using your default GPS app.

Picking the Passenger Up

Once you have arrived at your destination you can use your device’s task switcher to switch back to the DispatchBot mobile app (steps will vary depending on your device). Once you are back in the DispatchBot mobile app you can then tap Arrived to indicate you have arrived at your destination. Arrived will change to Picked Up but DO NOT tap this just yet.

At this point, go find your client, get them to the vehicle and then secure them and any equipment they may have. Once they are on vehicle and you are ready to leave you will then tap "Picked Up" to indicate that your client is onboard. You will be then prompted to enter your current odometer reading. Use the "Plus" or "Minus" signs to update your odometer readings accordingly then click "Save and mark picked up". This will update your times in DispatchBot automatically and update the trip status to "Picked Up".

Your odometer readings and times will appear at the top of the trip to indicate that step is finished.

You can now tap on Trips in the top header to return to your trip manifest. Once you are back at the manifest, you will see that the completed step has moved to the bottom of your list and is greyed out to show that it has been completed.

Tap on the next trip in the list. For this tutorial, we are now dropping off the client we just picked up. You will not be prompted to Start the trip as the client is already on-board. Tapping on the trip will bring up the trip details again and you can tap Navigate to get turn by turn directions using your native GPS application.

Dropping the Passenger Off

Once you have arrived at your next destination, tap Arrived to update DispatchBot with your arrival time. From here, you have a new option available: your passenger can now Sign for a trip using their finger on your tablet or smartphone. Tap Sign to bring up the Signature window.

Once the passenger has signed, tap on Save to record their digital signature.

You can then follow your company's policies and procedures regarding the unloading of your client. Once you are back in your vehicle and ready to leave, tap on Complete.

Use the "Plus" and "Minus" buttons to update your new odometer reading and then tap Save and mark completed

This will update the trip in DispatchBot with the odometer readings, arrival and departure times and will change the trip status to "Delivered". You can tap on the Trips link in the header to return your manifest.


  • The DispatchBot mobile app will automatically send the following information back to DispatchBot: Driver on Route time, odometer readings, arrival and departure times at a scheduled pick up and odometer readings, arrival and departure times at a scheduled drop off. It can also indicate if a client is a "no show".
  • Any changes or updates to a manifest will automatically appear in the DispatchBot mobile app but may require refreshing the page manually. The manifest will always automatically update when switching back and forth from trip details to the manifest.
  • Any driver related issues (flat tire, heavy traffic, etc) should always be communicated back to your Dispatcher per your company’s policies and procedures.